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Talks: future and upcoming

From January '19 to March '20 I organized a weekly seminar on stochastic analysis for graduate students and in spring '20, together with a colleague, I organized the Probability Working Seminar at UoE.

In my time at EPFL I helped organize the Stochastic analysis seminar.

You can find a selection of past and upcoming talks below.

Future talks

January 2024

Regularization by noise for Lévy SDEs

Zagreb probability seminar

Selected past talks

December 2023

Strong solutions to Lévy SDEs

York Probability seminar 

June 2023

SPDEvent at Uni Bielefeld

January 2023

Stochastic analysis seminar EPFL Lausanne

December 2023

Signature methods in machine learning for filtering

IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Cancun

November 2022

Analysis seminar TU Delft

September 2022

Extended Kalman filters for infinite-dimensional systems

Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2022), Bayreuth

July 2021

On nonlinear filtering of jump diffusions,

10th World Congress in Probability and Statistics, online

June 2021

On some new results in filtering theory for jump diffusion,

Young Researchers in Mathematics, online

April 2021

Nonlinear Filtering with Levy noise,

Toronto Graduate Analysis Seminar, online

January 2020

An introduction to estimation for dynamical systems,

Postgraduate Colloquium, ICMS, Edinburgh


May 2022

Poster at Connections between interacting particle dynamics and data science, Isle of Skye

April 2022

Poster at Probability Analysis and Dynamics 2022, Bristol

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